Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Cables are Coming!!!

The last picture of cables I posted to my blog had Janet's cables and my possible filler stitch. Well, the original yarn I ordered came in - Plymouth Encore in a pretty blue . It's actually lighter than what the picture shows. Then I started swatching the moss stitch for gauge, and am now swatching the cables.

It really looked as though the cables weren't going to show, but suddenly they popped out. I accidentally made what I call a twisted cable in place of one of the waves, decided I preferred it, and so that's what I'm going to use - serendipity, anyone?

Well, my measurements are taken (and are more than expected) and I'm ready to start the saddles as soon as I finish swatching the cables. I'm just beginning to be able to read the cables so I won't have so many wrong crossings. Rather have them here where I don't have to pick them out.

It's amazing what a butting cat head does to the cables, isn't it. (grin) Also when they try to "help" mama with the actual knitting. Misty chews the ends of my straights and Mouse gets caught in the cable. He (Mouse) is also the one who jumps into my lap at the computer and "helps" me type. hehehe


tonni said...

Beautiful blue! The cables really do pop in this yarn.

Priscilla said...

Love your color. I've used Encore before. A really nice yarn.

Katie said...

Wow! That's so cool. I'm always in awe of knitters who can keep track of ALL THOSE cables!! High five! =)