Thursday, February 08, 2007

Well, I've discovered . . .

it's not a good idea to put a project down and walk away from it for any length of time. I put my FLAK sweater down because I was getting frustrated trying to get the back started. Now I want to work on it, and I can't find my markers, my crochet hooks or anything but the yarn, the started sweater and the needles it's on. grrrrrrrrrr. I've probably put them in another bag with one of the many projects I did start (and not finish) since then.

Oh, well, guess I'll keep looking - or buy new (grin). Makes a good excuse anyway doesn't it.

On a different subject entirely, I've taken the plunge and joined a walking group that's forming here in town. They're having their first meeting Saturday, although they don't yet know where. I'm hoping to regain some of the mobility I've lost to "Arthur Itis", make some friends and lose some weight.

Will try to post on my doings a little more often, but then, I don't do much either (grin)