Saturday, February 04, 2006

Harry visits The Kitties' Mom page

Since this blog is named "The Kitties' Mom", it should have a kitty somewhere. Since I haven't dug mine out yet (the pictures not the cats), and haven't been taking any pictures, I spoke to a friend and she's allowing Harry to come visit. He seems to enjoy the basin; is this a kitty thing? My kitties love to sleep in the basin also. You can view more of Harry if you visit Bobbie's blog here Oh, and by the way, Bobbie has some beautiful crocheting on her site, including some original patterns.


ObsessiveCompulsive Crafter said...

Oh my gosh! My cat does that too. She will sheep in the sink at night and ready for a drink when the first person gets up! I have 2, Fat Girl (aka Zena) and Zoe.They keep me intertained! Love the picture and your Blog.

Tori said...

Too Cute!

Christine said...

I have never owned a cat who doesn't do that if given half a chance! Adorable kitty. :>