Monday, March 13, 2006

Well I did say it's a sporadic blog (grin)

Just realized it's been a while since my last post. Well, the cable swatch is done, looks good after all, if I do say so myself. Somehow, I've managed to lose it along with the measurements I wrote down. Some days I'm just glad my head is screwed on.

As soon as I find it (the swatch) again, I'll post a picture - just love the pats on the back from the FLAK list! Somehow, they make all the swatching, tinking, frogging et. al. all worthwhile.

Ggggrrrrrrr! Just lost a battle with a pair of scissors. We were arguing over whether or not I was going to get the outer cap off a child-proof vitamin bottle and I lost. Of course, I got my tensioning finger. A bandaid really changes the tension of the knitting.

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Ginger said...

ouch!! Hope your finger feels better soon. I have found that battles with members of that family are often futile (scissors, knives, etc). About 5 years ago I ended up haveing to have surgery on my hand after a battle with a table knife involving a frozen stick of butter.