Sunday, April 02, 2006

Kitties in a row and Misty

Since I'm the Kittie's Mom, here are pictures of a couple of the Kitties in a Row afghans I've made. Actually I've made quite a few, but most of my pictures are gone. These are crocheted and one of my favorite afghan patterns. They go fast, are easy, and look very complicated. When I make these for Santa Claus Inc. they always put it up on display until they give it away.

And I found a picture of Miss Misty Feline when she was just a little less than 2 months old, so thought I might as well put that in too. Now you've met one of my furbabies. The reason the picture is a bit blurry. . . well, all right, more than a little. . . is because I couldn't get her to stand still. She'd gotten up on that sink and wanted to see all she could before I got there to take her down. (smile) She's the one who chews the ends of my needles while I'm trying to knit.

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Deodand said...

Love the kitty pattern! I stopped by from the AK discussion. Is that pattern on the Internet somewhere?

The pictures of my cats as kittens are all blurry too...