Sunday, January 22, 2006

2nd Swatch

Well, here's my 2nd swatch. I'm using a pattern called Parallelograms II that I found on the net at I started it on size 5 needles, getting 23 1/2 stitches/4", so switched to size 6. The knits seem to sort of fade into the background with the 6, so guess I'll go back to the 5. The row count appears to be about 32 rows/4", which is 4 rows too many. If necessary, guess I'll have to ask for help from some of the more experienced - or some of the less mathematically challenged - people on the list. They are great about helping if you get stuck.

I'm going to put this photo together with the photos in Part 2 of the insructions, and see how the stitch will fit with the cables. I did draw them out and they look as though they will blend to look pretty good. I'm also going to try a new swatch with the moss stitch to see if I can keep it from skewing using Janet's technique of moving yarn before removing stitch from left needle. (fingers crossed)

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